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Sarah created a special front cover painting for Binah magazine honoring Kever Rachel, also known as the Tomb of Rachel. The painting features a striking image of the Kever, rendered in Sarah's unique style. Additionally, in a separate edition of the magazine, Sarah wrote an article that delves into her unique foil art technique. The article includes details about her creative process when creating foil art, the materials and techniques she uses, and the inspiration behind the use of foil in her artwork. The painting of Kever Rachel is a fitting tribute to the Jewish matriarch and provides readers with an opportunity to appreciate the historical and religious significance of the site, as well as Sarah's artistic abilities.

The following is the article published in Binah regarding her foil painting.

During the long, tough period of the COVID pandemic, I was finding it increasingly difficult to get the materials I needed to continue creating my paintings as so many stores were closed and finances were tight. Especially hard to secure was canvas. I needed an immediate alternative. I looked through my cabinet and that's how the idea of using foil came to me.

My first foil painting was very challenging to complete as the material is quite fragile. At times, the painting would completely rip, and I would have to start something new from scratch.

However, the final results were so unique. Foil has a natural glow to it. When you add colors and start creating a painting, it can be transformed into something very beautiful. Then, when I add gold leaf, the combination is gorgeous and can really become a masterpiece. I always recommend to my clients that they frame these works with an acrylic floating frame which makes for a luxurious presentation.

Looking back, I am so thankful to Hashem for allowing me to find brachah during such a difficult and dark time.

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